Our Story

Chef Tony's Popcorn started in Manila, Philippines in November 2005 as a small popcorn cart. Propelled by the overwhelming response of popcorn lovers and snack aficionados, Chef Tony’s eventually put up a full-fledged Company now called the Chef Tony’s Snack Foods Philippines Corporation.

Through the years, Chef Tony’s Popcorn has become one of the best and most well-loved brands in popcorn history. It’s not just any other popcorn, it’s GOURMET Popcorn! Chef Tony's recipes use only the finest and natural ingredients from all over the world: GMO-free corn kernels, real cheeses, chocolates, honey, and whole nuts from the U.S., Europe and Japan. We use only natural materials to make the best-tasting popcorn – absolutely no preservatives and artificial flavors!

Chef Tony’s has recently widened its reach by bringing its craft of making popcorn to neighboring countries in the ASEAN region such as Indonesia and Singapore. As it continues to expand while emerging as a distinctly Filipino brand, the Company is committed to deliver an excellent and diverse array of snack for families and friends to enjoy. Chef Tony’s remains passionate as ever to deliver a popcorn brand that not only satisfies one’s cravings but also brings joy and delight through its tubs of happiness.